The Bible is littered with stories of people who have faced tragedy and struggles in their lives. Elijah was so discouraged at one point he wanted to die. Peter, while he walked along side Christ, struggled with knowing how to tame his tongue. Sarah struggled with infertility and mother Eve struggled with authority… she just had to eat that forbidden fruit!

Life is difficult at times. Face it, we all struggle! Some of us, like Elijah, may face discouragement; someone may have relationship issues; or some may find it difficult to love others as we should. Don’t feel like you are alone, sister. We realize “the struggle is REAL”.

Yes, life is difficult at times for all of us. Yes, the struggle is real, but so is God. And, He has given us a book full of real life situations. The Bible is not sanitized. It’s true to life… our lives.  Our prayer for you is that you will read it, study it, and allow it to help you in all your life situations especially during those difficult ones!


about us

We are a member of the Free Will Baptist Women Nationally Active for Christ (WNAC).  WNAC exists to help each woman fulfill her role in the Great Commission through her God-designed roles in the home, church, community and world. We thrive to support Free Will Baptist missionaries in the U.S. and abroad. Each local group also takes an active role in supporting worthy causes in their church and community. 


Lisa Bowden | President

Janie Campbell | Vice President

Brenda Housley | Secretary

Melissa Haralson | Treasurer

Sheila Harris | Field Worker

Belinda Adaire | Member-at-Large

April Sullivan | Member-at-Large

Kim Landers | Member-at-Large

Jeannelle Nichols | Member-at-Large


r — Relationships

When it comes to relationships countless dollars have been invested, volumes have been written and hours of counseling have been spent. Why? Because we are designed for relationships.

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E — Encouragement

To define the word "encouragement" is a simple task when we use Webster’s dictionary. Webster defines it this way: “to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence.” However, the word encouragement defined by a recipient may sound differently. Some might say it isn’t just a word, but a person.

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